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How To Make The Best And Tastiest Tuna Sandwich

Tuna sandwiches are excellent for breakfast, brunch, or supper. It's one of my favorite dishes to enjoy. This sandwich can be made in different ways, from simple to crunchy.

Self-care is one of our first responsibilities to self, that is not limited to diet or weight management.

Green Juice


1 Tin Tuna (in water)

A pinch of Italian blend seasoning

A pinch of black pepper






Parmesan cheese

Pancake syrup (substitute honey)


Wash your vegetables properly. Dice the onions, then add your seasoning and mustard. Add your mayonnaise and pancake syrup. Drain all liquid from the tuna, then add the tuna flakes. Slice your tomatoes and chop the lettuce separately. Prepare the sandwich according to your liking. Watch the video below to see how I prepared this sandwich for myself.

Other ways I enjoy having tuna sandwiches...

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