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How I Became A Successful Food Vlogger

On my journey to self-love, I've experienced some painful lessons, but valuable lessons they were, and I value them greatly. Cooking, dining, taste-testing new recipes, and sharing my food adventures with all my subscribers have given me a new love. So, I wanted to put a selected few of my favorite dishes in this collection as a gift to you. All the recipes and photographs are done by me.


I want to let you know that there is nothing you cannot do. Don't count yourself out. It is a bit ironic that I would author a "recipe" or "cook" book which is coming soon, or have my own food blog because I am not a Cook per se.


When I am in the kitchen, it is more like an adventure and less about measurements and cooking skills. I have fun doing it because it makes me very happy. The outcomes are nothing short of miraculous to me. Ha ha!

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