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East Indian Mango, My Favorite Fruit

Updated: May 27, 2023

If I had it my way, the East Indian mango would be a staple in my household. I would dine on it every single day if it were available. It is my absolute favorite fruit.

East Indian mango, my favorite fruit, is from Jamaica where it is extremely popular and one of the most sought-after mango varieties.

This mango can be described as an oblong, green-colored mango of varying sizes, around a pound in weight on average. With sun exposure they develop some pinkish and orange blush at the top. The flesh is *highly* fibrous and it is best utilized as a juice mango for this reason. However, for me, juicing would be a waste of experience. Eating this mango is truly an adventure. The flavor is remarkably richly sweet and very resinous with many spice notes and terpenes. We regard it as one of the most complex-tasting mangos. The seed is polyembryonic.

My backyard East Indian tree is bearing fruit and I cannot wait to taste them :)


According to the National Library of Jamaican, East Indian mangoes were introduced to Jamaica, in the late 19th century. They came from Bombay, India, and first bore fruit in 1880 at Hope Plantation. In an 1880 article, the author describes it as "superior" to many Jamaican mangoes but not nearly as good as Number Eleven.

Watch me enjoy a delicious East Indian mango feast in the videos below 👇🏽

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