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Nutritional Benefits of June Plum

June plum juice is one of my favorite drinks. The sweetness of the meat and the tanginess of the skin is a very tasty blend.

Nutritional benefits of the June plum.
Nutritional benefits of the June plum.

June plums, as called in Jamaica, are reportedly known by numerous names ranging from Golden Apple to Yellow Egg. The taste is a combination of sweet and tangy. Introduced to Jamaica in 1872, the fruit became a favorite for its flavor and its role in maintaining health. The following are some of the nutritional benefits of June Plum, according to the blog website,

  1. Vitamin A

  2. Antibiotic

  3. Antioxidant

  4. Fiber

  5. Vitamin B1

  6. Vitamin C

  7. Vitamin K

According to the website, the June plum's also valued for its bark, roots, seeds, and leaves which are utilized in natural medicinals and cosmetics. The bark is a natural remedy for dysentery and the seeds are often used to address respiratory conditions owing to the fruit’s antibiotic properties. The roots have long been used as a contraceptive. The leaves are boiled and used as a moisturizer, and skin lotion, to soothe coughs, and to treat mouth sores.

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