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Organic Homemade Apple Celery Juice

I am a juice lover. I enjoy drinking more than I enjoy chewing #lol. Sometimes I wish that I could drink all my meals. Alas! Today I made pineapple juice. Delicious! 😋 No additives, nutritious. This juice surprised me. I thought it tasted horrible, however, the apple did a good job of masking the taste of the celery. I am not fond of the way it smells, but I thoroughly enjoy this juice.

Organic Apple Celery Juice

You are worth it.

Organic Homemade Apple Celery Juice


  • Green Apples

  • Celery


When making this organic homemade apple celery juice, remember to wash the apples and celery thoroughly. Then juice them. I used the Nutribullet centrifugal juicer. Let it chill in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes, then enjoy.

See how I made my organic homemade apple celery juice in the video below 👇🏽

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